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Broadacre farming is interpreted as large scale crop operations (agriculture). Typically some of the crops in this area include farming of sugar cane, soyabeans, field peas, chickpeas, wheat, barley, sorghum, maize, canola and sunflowers.  Ocmis hardhose  irrigators are suitable in this market sector, having such a large diverse range of models to suit a varied range of crop types. 

Sime canons and sprinklers provide the best solution with the greatest range of options available.  IB International has the largest range of Sime canons and sprinklers to suit Australian conditions.  IB International also distributes a canon specifically suited as a pivot end-gun. 

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Featured application:

Sugar Cane Farming - products

  • The Ocmis hardhose irrigator has been successfully operating in sugar cane farming for many years in North Queensland.  The versatility of this machine and ease of movement allows irrigation in difficult terrain and varied  shaped field boundaries. 

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