Dairy Farms

Dairy Farms are scattered across Australia and Tasmania and their irrigation requirements vary according to their climatic conditions.  Therefore, the wide range of Ocmis hardhose irrigators offer a solution due to their flexibility and varied configurations. The Ocmis irrigators are robust, heavy duty machines and employ the latest technology.   They can be used for both clean water irrigation and effluent irrigation. Sime water canons can be used for fixed irrigation and washdown functions and used on softhose and hardhose irrigators. The main reason for irrigation on Dairy Farms is for growing pastures for the cattle to graze on whereas Sime canons can be used in the dairy stations for cleaning and washdowns, not just for irrigation.  We have a selection of heavy duty mobile water canon configurations.  IB International's choice of brands is important.  Likewise, we refer you to a local Dealer who understands the quality and outcomes required by you.  We support Dealers Nationwide to ensure you get the right solution and the best backup service. 

Alternatively, Pig Farming applications often include effluent irrigation.  Our Dallai fittings in galvanised, polycoated or stainless steel can provide solutions for dewatering in conjunction with the Snap-tite irrigation hose. 

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