Mining - High Volume Evaporation

High Volume Evaporation 

Sime Water Canons can disperse large volumes of water over broader areas, and with the correct nozzle and pressure selection maximise the evaporation process.  Factors to be take  into account include: This method  can also allow for the utilisation of 

These five factors can influence the effectiveness of the water canons.

Air Temperature, Humitidy, Area covered, droplet size.  Therefore, on any given day the evaporation process can dramatically change due to those factors.  Sime Water Canons can make use of the wind, removing large volumes of water with the correct nozzle and pressure selection.  Reducing the droplet size and increasing the wind drift over a greater area will optimise the evaporation using this method.  

Making use of the temperature, wind and droplet sizes over a large area will optimise the evaporation.  By increasing the pressure during high humidity periods the Sime Water Canons have the best chance of evaporation.  

The choice of canons for this application will have a high angle setting to optimise the potential.  The Kronos Impact Canon or Climber Gear Drive Vari Angle Canon are perfect for this application in many instances.  Talk to us today at IB International about your application.    


Using a travelling irrigator is sometimes the best solution.  IB International have the largest range available from the world renowned leader Ocmis.  By mounting a Sime Canon onto an Ocmis Hosereel a configuration can be set up for major dewatering projects on mine sites.  Performance charts for Ocmis are available via Quick Downloads on this website.  Alternatively please call us today or make an enquiry via this website providing specs on your current project so that we can provide a quotation and options. 

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