Water Trucks

Water Cannons on the back of Water Trucks finish the job easy - as natives are revegetated

The 'Mariner' is not just a term for a sea-faring person.

What does a 'Mariner', a 'Skipper', a 'Kronos' and a 'Konkord' have in common?

They are all names for water cannon sprinklers that work best on the back of water trucks.  The 'Mariner' and the 'Skipper' are gear drive water cannon sprinklers, while the 'Kronos' and the 'Konkord' are impact water cannon sprinklers.  But they all do a great job on the back of water trucks!

Using water trucks have many benefits.  They can access areas inaccessible by other means.  They provide temporary solutions for water transfer where piping infrastructures are not necessary.  They can get to places others can't.

Water trucks use different ways of disbursing the water from their tanks onto the land.  In many cases even the water trucks cannot get to the places where the water has to reach, for example on hilly landscapes circumventing a mine site, or simply because there is a large area and the water trucks travel only as close as is needed.  In these instances and others the right choice of water cannon sprinkler becomes the focus of the project.

All of these water cannon sprinklers are robust and technically superior models - that is they do the job the way it needs to be done.  Where an even consistent coverage of water is necessary the choice of a gear drive sprinkler is beneficial.  The flow rates and other technical information about these sprinklers can be found on our site.

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